Founded in 1962 in Bologna Italy, Citieffe is dedicated to developing innovative trauma and orthopedic solutions noted for uniqueness, efficacy, efficiency, versatility and ease of use.
The Citieffe mission is to provide the essential ingredients for Trauma Management, particularly for Internal and External fixation, Prosthesis and General Surgical Instruments.
Citieffe continues to develop with vitality, creativity and Research and Innovation technology, by controlling the complete product cycle in-house, maintaining a productive and constant relationship with the international and national medical communities with the aim of providing the best for the patient and the healthcare system.
Today Citieffe is in Europe, USA, Latin America and Asia through a number of branch offices and a network of distributors that actively contribute to the company’s growth and success.

Citieffe is member of Assobiomedica (Italian Association of Medical Devices Companies). Since 2015 Citieffe belongs to Medistream Group, headquarted in Lugano, Switzerland.



The Citieffe product lines comprise solutions for osteosynthesis and treatment of fractures of the upper limb, pelvis and lower limb.