Citieffe is an international company focused on Trauma and Extremities as well as Limb Reconstruction solutions, based in Italy starting from 1962. Citieffe develops, manufactures and distributes medical devices for internal and external fracture fixation and limb reconstruction together with essential and intuitive instrument sets.

Citieffe is an independent company that started developing surgical instruments in collaboration with the nearby Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute, the main Italian institute of orthopedics and traumatology. The privileged know-how in making surgical implants has lead Citieffe to develop and expand the product range by controlling the entire production cycle with the highest quality standards over the years, maintaining a productive and constant relationship with the international and national medical communities.

Since 2014 Citieffe has belonged to Medistream Group and has a presence in Europe, USA, South America and Asia through a network of branches and distributors.

A ‘Made in Italy’ trademark appreciated throughout the world for its creativity and spirit of innovation combined with the values of craftsmanship and aimed at best responding to the needs of the patient, the surgeon and the entire hospital system.


We are a company made by people that embrace the idea of a maker mindset to the highest standards. Working extremely connected with medical professionals, Citieffe is the ideal partner for creating unique, faster, simpler innovations for patient healing and for providing the essential movements for a better quality of life.

Essential moves
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We are committed to offering the essential for the surgeon and the patient: the essential to simplify operating procedures, to reduce surgery and treatment time, to allow reliable operating techniques and rapid rehabilitation thanks to unique devices and smart instrument sets, notable for their versatility and ease of use and for a design that allows an easy reproducibility of the surgical technique with a few quick steps.

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We believe in the productive and constant relationship between innovation technology and scientific-clinical research and our commitment is to be part of this symbiosis supporting training and education for healthcare professionals to better respond to the needs of the surgeon and the patient and to develop together solutions which are faster and simpler to accelerate patient’s healing.

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